20 February 2010

Forwarding exceptions as language potential

Each of Java programmer knows how exhausting a handing exception can be. So sooner on later he/she founds the situation when he/she exactly knows that he/she is handling the exception that will never occur. Some thoughts about this can be found here.

14 February 2010

The '!' logical-complement operator (fixed)

It's high time to clear doubts about: The '!' logical-complement operator. With little help of someone who can express himself more clearly, subject should be easier to follow.

Some time ago I used to know all operators priorities in C++, using a minimal number of braces resulted with a quite compact code in logical cases. It was really easy to read that again, but only for me, what I did not see as a problem. When I started to work on the same code with others there were no turn back and I had to make conditions more readable...