18 February 2009

Project Coin: Known enhancements

You can read about really nice idea to make Java better: FOSDEM 2009: OpenJDK 6 and Project Coin. So lets see some of them...

(Reflection) Accessibilities of members should be ACCESS-LEVEL sensitive

I do not like reflection (yet). And do not see point to increase it's range. But idea about considering context of method call is nice for security.

String conversion needs another index entry

It's about(I think): String Concatenation Operator + ?

Compilation spec needed: should state if private should imply final for a method

I do not know why some one would like to see some methods to be final without 'final' word. This could be pretty troublesome.

long double support

Why not?

Extension of 'Interface' definition to include class (static) methods.

I wandered about this some time ago. But maybe I'll be able to introduce better way to provide this.

Method forwarding - Subclassing without subtyping

This need to be inspected. I wandered about similar idea (but more Java-like).
The Replace Inheritance with Delegation Refactoring (RIWD)

Cloning inner classes

It's no problem for me ;P

A Proposal for User-Defined Lightweight Value-Semantics Objects

I'll have to take more time to consider it...

Suggestion for "atomic" keyword for try {} blocks

What for(increase complex)?

Explicit (language) support for properties

Problem is real but solution is weak.

Ease the JLS to allow mathematical symbols in indentifiers (defined operators or operator overloading)
Allow Unicode versions of operators
RFE: Operator overloading

But why in Java?

RFE: Please add nested /* */ comments

Interesting for consideration, but impossible.

Maximum method size is too small (64Kb)

Heavy methods ^_^

Allow multiple constants and ranges in case labels

Why not?

Object Oriented Callbacks

callbackName = myObject.myFunction
NOT in this form.

'final' variables and inner classes

I'll have to take more time to consider it...

java really needs a complex (number) primitive type

Life is not always nice. AlgebraicMath

Allow this/super in certain static contexts

Really bad solution(not the problem).

Catching multiple exceptions simultaneously


package access for interface methods

I wander about further problems...

Add support for vertabim string literals

Should be deeply considered.

Java Generics Support should support primitive types

Nice idea but impossible.

RFE: Add Immutable types to Java

Agree with problem / do not agree with solution.

silly JLS rule that restricts the throw clause in a hiding method

I think I do agree.


As I already said. Make language depended from one implementation is not good idea.

Document class file attributes for compilation date/time + debugging

Hard to say.

wanted: constant pool entries for arrays

I think I need better description.

RFE: Tail Call Optimization

I want to meet the men who introduced this idea.

Multiple return values from a method

It's matter of time.

RFE: permit allocation of new objects on stack

"Unfortunately, it's not that simple.
The constructor, for example, might leak the reference. Or any method called on the object might do so."

RFE: syntactic sugar to simulate C++ stack-allocted object destructor semantics

Such big tank to kill the rabbit.

RFE: 64 bit pointers needed

Not this year.

Typedef (alias)


AutomaticException chaining for exception in try and exception thrown in finally

I would prefer option to select which exception should be dropped.

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